Product Features

  • “Software with Ultimately The Best GUI”
  • DASHBOARD for overall information of inventory
  • Key board friendly navigation
  • Complete with two sections;Inventory Management and Accounting
  • In General, two sections are integrated with each other but could be run independently as well
  • Unlimited user, group and Company creation facility as perthe duties and responsibilities with full security
  • Inbuilt Double Entry Book Keeping System
  • Fiscal Year Ending with exact Balance Carry forward Mechanism
  • Powerful data search facility
  • Point Of Sale & Sales return facility
  • Numbers of reports with Graphical Charts
  • Reports can be exported to Word, Excel, HTML, PDF format
  • Bar code scanning facility
  • Nepali Miti Calendar Included.
  • Automatic schedule Data Backup and restore facility
  • Emailing facility to vendor and customers
  • Can be used as standalone application or in network with multiple PCs

Inventory Includes

  • Management of Products with Category and Sub-category
  • Periodic schemes and offer management.
  • Multiple unit conversions available
  • Searching products according to supplier
  • Management of purchasing product With Batch Information
  • Purchase Return and Sales Return Facility
  • Re-order product from vendors (Purchase Order)
  • Taking & Placing Orders
  • Stock Valuation Technique for Product (FIFO & LIFO)
  • Detailed Stock Ledger for product with multiple categories, sub-categories and batch information
  • Periodic Reports For All Inventory Transactions.
  • Periodic, Monthly and Yearly Graphical presentation for Inventory Transactions
  • Track inventory on hand and transaction history
  • Track customers & manage inventory
  • Analytical reports to view trends of item sales; useful for sales forecast and ordering goods
  • And much more!

Accounting Includes

  • Management of general ledgers with account groups
  • Opening balance with exact Balance Carry forward Mechanism for product and general ledgers
  • Audit Trails For Tracking User Modification and Deletion logs Periodically
  • Complete Receivable Management System with following modules;
    • Debit / Credit Note
    • Party ledger and Outstanding (suppliers / Customers)
    • Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance
    • Party Ledgers, Cash / Bank Voucher
    • Day Book Summary and Journal Voucher
    • Periodic Cash / Bank collection
    • Outstanding Report For Customers and Suppliers
    • Receipt / Payment Register
    • And much more
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